Mattress Disposal Policy

Mattress Disposal Procedure

Adams County Solid Waste Department acknowledges that although mattresses are part of the normal waste stream and can be managed in the landfill without causing environmental problems, they create compaction challenges, handling problems for landfill equipment, and financial disparity. Until recent years, no other alternatives for dealing with problematic mattress disposal were available to the customer. However, options have become available for recycling or processing of large loads of mattresses, such as Seven Rivers Recycling of Onalaska, WI.

With recycling available to commercial, institutional and government multi-bed facilities, Adams County Solid Waste Department has adopted a household quantity only procedure, and will no longer accept large loads of mattresses. Box springs are considered a mattress for these purposes.

Effective September 14, 2017, it has been adopted as official procedure of the Adams County Solid Waste Department, with Solid Waste Committee approval, to not accept large loads of mattresses. A limit of five mattresses per day per household customer/address will be allowed to be disposed of here.

Effective January 1, 2018, Adams County Solid Waste Department will be charging disposal fees per mattress. The fees will be $5.00 for crib or twin size mattresses, and $10.00 for all other sizes.

This Mattress Procedure will remain in place until Adams County Solid Waste Department creates an alternative on-site mattress solution to the above problems.