Town Contacts

To get on the Board Meeting Agenda, or discuss a pending bid for town services:

Town Clerk

Molly Buchholz

Cell: 608-450-0400
Email: [email protected]

To ask about property tax payments, room taxes, municipal parking fees, garbage pickup, or replacement fire signs:

Town Treasurer

Delores Benish

Phone: (608) 608-450-0630
Email: [email protected]

To discuss Town business or policy, zoning changes, town roads, or other town services:

Board Chair

William Pegler



Email: [email protected]


Board Supervisor I

Paul Kuester


Email:  [email protected]

Board Supervisor II

Gary Skolarz


Email: [email protected]

To inquire about property assessment:

Appraisal Service

Claude Riglemon

Phone: (608) 378-3003
Email: [email protected]